Creative Friendships.

When I moved to Seattle eight years ago, one of the first friends I made was Bonnie Robbins. At that time Bonnie was only 10 years old. Bonnie was not camera shy, and to this day she finds herself collaborating on projects that put her in front of the camera. Being that I am a photographer, this immediately captured my interest in her. I have had the privilege of spending time with Bonnie during her teenage years and photographing her from time to time.
Bonnie's generation has access to a vast amount of cultural influences, from countless outlets. When she began to access these channels in her teen years, she started creating a collection-- of objects. These objects--from absolute silliness to the most articulate, high-art embodiment of anything--required a polymorphic-like meditation of sorts to acquire.
Bonnie's personality exploded in her teens with her immersion in mass pop culture, and her gift of naturally embracing modern technologically aided in the development of her ability to multitask everything. After many years of effort, she has turned the physical spaces in her home (especially her bedroom) into reflections of what she has collected, and on who she has become. It's a photographer's play-land in there. Her bedroom is a montage of strange and wonderful knickknacks from her travels, accented with trend-ful accessories and original works of art, which thread the organized chaos into a single, fun environment. As Bonnie's collection of fashion, art, and wonderfully insane “objects of desire” grows, I’m sure we will continue to collaborate on future photo shoots and eclectic happenings.

Here's a fun video we created: