Hey Gang!

In my career, I have had the opportunity to critique many photographs from all over the world in photo festivals and classroom environments. I am excited to announce my first ever Instagram photo contest. Nothing makes me happier than looking at images and sharing them. The social platform has perfected this ability for all of us and hosting a contest is my way of diving in head first. I am one of three judges and the other judges will be announced in September.

The theme “Show me Your Stuff” is about still life photography that tells your story. Images of things you own like jewelry, childhood keepsakes, mementos, good luck charms or even your favorite coffee mug can tell a story when placed in an environment you are known to dwell in like your vanity, kitchen, front porch or maybe even your favorite tea shop. Take some time to find a few things that are all about you and capture them in a good light with fun compositions. The judges will be looking for an artistically composed image that tell a story about you.

    •    Put away your wallet because there is no entrance fee
    •    Sign up for an Instagram account on your smart phone or tablet
    •    Follow me @derekjohnsonphotos
    •    Take pictures to “Show Me Your Stuff”
    •    Remember to be creative, pick good subjects and content to the photograph, then post as many images as you want
    •    Tag all the pictures with #djpcontest to be entered into the contest
    •    Check this link on October 15th for the winner

    •    1st place - $100 cash
    •    2nd place - fun t-shirt plus additional art print from Derek’s Etsy Store
    •    3rd place - O-nama Tea’s fine tea sampler with teapot and cups for 2 plus art print from Derek’s Etsy Store
    •    4th place - O-nama Tea’s tea samples

***WARNING: if we are not friends on Instagram or your account is set as Priviate, I will not be able to see your pictures. SO you will have to email them to me or link to me so i can review your images in order to enter you in the contest. Make sure you find me and follow me @derekjohnsonphoto!

Happy shooting!! :)