Rainier Vallery Heritage Parade 2016

A Documentary short to showcase the Rainier Valley Chamber of Commerce Heritage Parade 2016.

The Power of Prayer

A slideshow Journey to the home of the Tibetan Government to document one story from a refugee.

"Mad" Directed by Derek Johnson

A Short about Mad Cow Disease.

Video out a subway window heading in to NY - as WTC burns

911 Documentary Work

    1. The most published scene I filmed from 9/11. It contributed to an Emmy win, and helped garner other awards.


    2. CameraPlanet 9/11 Archive: http://thecameraplanetarchive.magnify.net/

    3. HBO 9/11 Documentary “In Memoriam”; also on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com

    4. History Channel Documentary: “102 Minutes that Changed America

    5. History Channel Documentary: “9/11: The Days After“

    6. National Geographic: Explorer series

    7. NHK Documentary: “5 People Who Filmed 9/11″; broadcast to over 30 million worldwide.