Logline: This short film is a Psychological Thriller about one woman who spends the night in her recently deceased mother in laws house and eventually realizes she is not alone.

This short film is a Psychological Thriller about one woman who spends the night in her recently deceased mother in laws house and eventually realizes she is not alone. Director Derek Johnson gives us a taste of what it might be like to experience our worst nightmare, to become one of our parents or better yet, one of our significant others parents. Katie the lead Character played by Eryn Rea, begins to see and experience things that are not real, yet terrifying to us. We are left with a sense of real terror knowing that this experience could actually happen to anyone.



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Greeting Cards with Envelopes

Support the film with a 5 pack of greeting cards custom printed on archival paper. Below are the images taken in Mothers Garden during production. They are beautiful you will want to send some to your friends and family! Click thumbnails to enlarge.

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Art Prints direct from Mother's Garden.

You can purchase one of these beautifully printed images taken in Mother's Garden. They are printed on archival paper and made to order. Derek is a master photo printer and sells art prints to clients everywhere. These are exclusively dedicated to funding the films initiative. Don't miss this opportunity to own and original work from Derek.







We know you want one. They come in all sizes and are screen printed to order. This is a heavy Tee from Hanes with a distressed image. Its a very very cool thing to wear this out on the town.

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Screening events coming this summer!

Coming soon you will be able to purchase tickets to watch the film online. We are in conversation with a few distributors as to which platform "Mother's Garden" will be released on. The film is playing the festival circuit for first screenings. Check back here for additional screenings and releases.


The Impact of your contributions will significantly help increase the production value of this work. I aim high in style and story with my projects and every penny counts. You will become an active partner in the project with any amount of contribution and this is not only a special role to play, but it's totally awesome to become part of the filmmaking process. I know with the hundreds of crews that I have worked with over the years that everyone there on all size crews was so grateful to be a part of the experience. 
Risks & Challenges are very real in the movie business and also the art business. Early on in my career, I became an excellent problem solver, mix that with an amazing story teller and savvy sense of business and the risk factor goes into a predictable and manageable arena. I’ve played this game a long time and one of my favorite parts to storytelling is the problem-solving part. Check out some of my successes on my website.

Other Ways You Can Help
Everyone can help me with this process. Even just watching the finished piece is helpful. Films are made to be watched. If finical contributions are not possible at this time then please share my campaign with friends and contacts who you know would be interested in helping out an independent, original film get made.  Lastly, I’d love to connect with you for ongoing newsletters and future projects either on social networks or email. You better believe I have already started planning future projects and I know you would not want to miss out.
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