This short film is a Psychological Thriller about one woman who spends the night in her recently deceased mother in laws house and becomes possessed by her spirit throughout the night.


The project is now in post production. We are seeking momentary support to help pay for sound mastering, a musical score and some additional funds for marketing. Our target is $1500.

Donate to the film

The Perks:

Other ways you can support the film are with traded services I already offer in my day job. 

  1. $20 Nature Therapy: Get inside your own mind with a free downloadable meditation track from our composer. You’ll need it after you watch this film.
  2. $50 Group Therapy: We of course sometimes realize that the influence of group thought and how it can affect on your own psychological well being. This is why we are offering both the Garden Meditation Download and the film credit that makes you a part of the bigger picture!
  3. $100 Retail Therapy: You know just as well as we know that your psychological well being also depends on how good you look. We have solved the problem for you and will offer a nice piece of swag that will be gifted to you along with the meditation download and the credit in the film.
  4. $150 Art Therapy: We want you to realize the benefit of creative therapy and how making something can heal you. This is why we are inviting you to participate in the editing process with an online viewing of the rough-cut and giving the chance to help direct the edit with your suggestions. Of course, Film is a collaborative effort where the director has the final say but any and all criticism is greatly valued in the production of the final piece. You will also receive a piece of swag, an associate producer credit in the film credits and on IMDB.
  5. $300 Electro Therapy: Let's face it, you need a good jolt of love in your life from time to time and one way to represent that is in a still photo session. Derek will personally come to your location in the Pacific North West and offer a unique portrait series with his sophisticated flash lighting and hand-painted backgrounds. You will also get a chance to come to the screening review of the first cut and offer suggestions, a piece of swag and Executive Producer credit.


The Impact of your contributions will significantly help increase the production value of this work. I aim high in style and story with my projects and every penny counts. You will become an active partner in the project with any amount of contribution and this is not only a special role to play, but it's totally awesome to become part of the filmmaking process. I know with the hundreds of crews that I have worked with over the years that everyone there on all size crews was so grateful to be a part of the experience. 
Risks & Challenges are very real in the movie business and also the art business. Early on in my career, I became an excellent problem solver, mix that with an amazing story teller and savvy sense of business and the risk factor goes into a predictable and manageable arena. I’ve played this game a long time and one of my favorite parts to storytelling is the problem-solving part. Check out some of my successes on my website.

Other Ways You Can Help
Everyone can help me with this process. Even just watching the finished piece is helpful. Films are made to be watched. If finical contributions are not possible at this time then please share my campaign with friends and contacts who you know would be interested in helping out an independent, original film get made. Indiegogo has some great sharing tools built right in. Lastly, I’d love to connect with you for ongoing newsletters and future projects either on social networks or email. You better believe I have already started planning future projects and I know you would not want to miss out.
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